Romain Grosjean has hailed Gene Haas as “the best team owner I’ve ever had” and feels the US team’s adaption to Formula 1 has been something to be proud of.

Haas is currently battling in the thick of the middle pack in the F1 world constructors’ championship having produced its second double points finish of the year last time out at the Japanese Grand Prix. The result saw Haas leapfrog Renault into seventh in the world constructors’ championship as it looks set to celebrate its success as its home race at the United States Grand Prix.

Grosjean says the F1 team owner’s passion has led the squad’s charge since joining the sport in 2016 and feels future targets of podiums and wins could be possible.

“I think he’s the best team owner I’ve ever had,” Grosjean said. “He’s passionate about racing and really loves it to a high extent and that makes the whole team just very enjoyable to work with. I think Gene was initially surprised how competitive and how complicated Formula One is but he’s now got it and he knows that what we’re doing is pretty good.

“Of course we always want more and if Gene is in Formula 1, I believe in the long term to go from fighting for eighth or sixth in the Constructors’ Championship but try to go for podiums or one win. We know the gap is big right now but that’s where the patience is.

“Gene’s super passionate about the team, the racing, the whole Formula One and that love that he’s got for the race just goes through the whole team and makes it, as I say, a very very good team to work with and I believe a very successful team in the future.”



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