Fernando Alonso feels it will be “more logical” seeing Lewis Hamilton level on Formula 1 world titles with Sebastian Vettel on four championship each and says it doesn’t hurt him only having two titles.

The McLaren-Honda driver, who was team-mate to Hamilton during the British driver’s rookie F1 campaign, says he’ll be happy when the Mercedes driver secures a fourth world championship, which looks inevitable after his victory at the United States Grand Prix to move the cusp of the title.

With a 66-point advantage over Vettel, Hamilton can finish as low as fifth place to claim the title in Mexico even if the German wins the race which will see the British driver draw level on four F1 crowns.

“In a way I am happy to see Lewis get his fourth title as it was strange seeing Vettel four,” Alonso told Channel 4. “Hamilton three. Now it is much more logical. I think Lewis has had a better racing career.”

Two-time F1 world champion Alonso also says he isn’t bothered about Vettel and Hamilton having more world titles than him while he is unable to fight for titles with McLaren due to its performance deficit.

“When I was fighting for the championship and saw Sebastian winning maybe it hurts sometimes,” he said. “This is because you feel that you deserve it more or maybe there was possibility here. When you are not in contention it is not a big thing.”


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