Formula 1 team bosses are gearing up for Liberty Media’s presentation on its plans for the future of the sport, while a number of heads have encouraged swift decision-making in order to not detract from racing.

The FIA Annual General Assembly will be held in Paris this week culminating in the FIA champions ceremony with all F1 teams expected to be in attendance for a final meeting before the end of the year.

Liberty is set to present its future vision for F1 to all teams and key personnethis month this month with backing by the FIA which will discuss in greater depth the potential engine regulations to be introduced in 2021 along with wider tweaks to the sport ranging from financial structures to sporting rules.

While the majority of F1 team bosses have been positive about the changes Liberty has installed in its first 12 months in charge, mainly the opening up of social media allowances to increase coverage, there is a belief the presentation will reveal the new direction of the sport.

“We have a meeting in December where they’re going to present what they have in mind, and at that stage we can have a conversation with them and eventually a suggestion,” Arrivabene said in Abu Dhabi. “They’re pushing and it depends on what they want to do in the future.

“First year, it’s normally easy, because you start from a certain point: you have a lot of expectation and you go up. The second year, you have to prove you are solid and you are looking forward at least for the future.”

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When quizzed on what they hoped the Liberty presentation would reveal, both Mercedes chief Toto Wolff was eager for a clearer picture on potential financial restructuring, with rumours suggesting of increased revenues while Ferrari could see its historical team bonus trimmed.

“I come from a financial universe,” Wolff said. “It would be interesting for me to see how the business case, what the vision on the business case is and how the numbers will come together.”

Both McLaren boss Zak Brown and Renault head Cyril Abiteboul echoed their opposite numbers’ comments but underlined the need for firm decisions needed over a short period in order for teams to plan and prepare for the new future of F1.

“I like the direction they’re going in, they’re listening, they’re collaborating and they’re communicating,” Brown said. “What I would like to see is the rules in place that we’re going to know about for 2021. I would not like to have the negotiations that are currently going on drag out for years.”

“I think we are now waiting to see more substantial measures, decisions, directions that Liberty is going to take on some of the important decisions together with obviously the FIA, FOM, all of the stake holders involved in the regulation-making process,” Abiteboul added.

“I think that’s going to be important to understand the vision that they have for Formula One because so far we’ve had lots of discussions but obviously no decision – that’s not a criticism, it’s just a fact.

“Decision time is going to come in the next few months I just hope that it’s not going to be too much of a distraction for what matters which is racing and that everything will be done for the interests of the show and the fans that make the sport.”