Force India’s Sergio Perez says the new Halo cockpit protector will become a familiar sight on Formula 1 cars after three or four races in 2018 as the sport prepares for big changes.

The initial introduction the Halo was met by a mixed reception over its looks, how it will help and how it fits into the F1 image but it hasn’t stopped the FIA enforcing the safety device on all F1 cars from 2018.

As a result, drivers and teams have been faced with the challenge of integrating the Halo into its 2018 car designs – with aerodynamics and weight proving to be key issues – with many drivers accepting the cars will never look the same again.

“The Halo is definitely hurting the aerodynamics a lot on our side but it's the same for everyone,” Perez said. “It's a safety thing. After three, four races we will get used to it. In Formula 1, everything is changing very quickly.

“I expect and I hope that next year will be a really interesting year with all the teams closing up and I hope Halo after two or three races, nobody talks about it anymore.”

While the need for increasing safety in the sport is ever-present will the Halo taint the sport’s image or is it a push which needs to happen regardless of any other consequences for F1?

Let us know your thoughts on the Halo in F1 and whether it was a better pick than further development tests or trialling the ‘Aeroscreen’ or the ‘Shield’.

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