McLaren has unveiled its newest sportscar called the McLaren Senna which it has produced with its strongest-ever focus on track performance for a road-legal car.

The McLaren Senna is formed from the same line of thinking as the British manufacturer’s iconic F1 and P1 cars and is predicted to be the fastest car on track it has ever produced outside of its Formula 1 efforts.

Only 500 editions of the McLaren Senna are expected to be made with each car already assigned a customer and all the cars will be hand-assembled at its Production Centre in Woking. The full price of the car is yet to be confirmed.

The McLaren Senna stacks up an impressive armoury with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engines, quoted as the company’s most powerful engine to date, with 789bhp and 590lb ft of torque to create a power-to-weight ratio of 688PS-per-tonne. The car also has front and rear active aerodynamics with a RaceActive Chassis Control II hydraulic suspension and MonoCage III monocoque body.

As is common with track-favoured road cars, the McLaren Senna has a race mode which engages a lower ride height to drop its centre of gravity and a stiffer suspension. Keeping all this under control is a new carbon ceramic braking system, quotes as the most advanced ever used by a McLaren road car, which are fitted with Pirelli P ZeroTM Trofeo R tyres.

The car has been given blessing from the Senna family to carry its name and according to the McLaren preview announcement: “A significant contribution will be donated to the Instituto Ayrton Senna (IAS), a non-profit organisation providing education for more than 1.6 million unprivileged youngsters in Brazil. The IAS is presided over by Viviane Senna, sister of Ayrton and mother of racing driver and McLaren ambassador Bruno Senna.”

The McLaren Senna is already a fancied rival to fellow F1 contenders Red Bull Racing who have collaborated with Aston Martin to produce the Valkyrie which has been designed by Adrian Newey. The partnership has also seen Aston Martin become the F1 team’s title sponsor from 2018 with rumours the British manufacturer could enter the sport as its engine supplier from 2021.

An official launch date of the McLaren Senna is yet to be released but fans have been encouraged to register interest in the project here.



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