Pirelli has confirmed its tyre selections for the opening three races of the 2018 Formula 1 season, with neither of its new compounds set to feature.

Pirelli announced over the 2017 season-ending Abu Dhabi weekend it would be introducing two new compounds - hyper-soft and super-hard - to F1 for 2018 in a bid to create a wider range and make more accurate tyre selections for circuits.

In a statement issued on Monday, Pirelli confirmed what compounds it would be taking to the first three races of next season in Australia, with neither the hyper-soft or super-hard making an appearance.

Pirelli will take its soft, super-soft and ultra-soft tyres to Melbourne for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, before reverting to a harder selection of medium, soft and super-soft for the next race in Bahrain.

One week later, F1 will head to Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix, where teams will have the medium, soft and ultra-soft tyres available, skipping out the super-soft from the selection altogether.