Formula 1 fans have voted Kimi Raikkonen’s radio rant during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as the best radio moment in 2017.

In F1’s latest driver vote, the Ferrari driver’s radio message came out on top of the 10 nominated moments from throughout the season with fan-favourite Raikkonen producing another iconic moment in the sport. During the red flag stoppage at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Raikkonen’s Ferrari squad were briefly caught out ahead of the restart with the Finnish driver’s car out of position.

The Finn was heard asking for his gloves and steering wheel while be wheeled towards the pit exit and grew more and more frantic. Luckily for Raikkonen he did get his steering wheel and gloves in time for the restart but failed to see the finish due to a late-race oil leak.

“Steering wheel. Gloves and steering wheel, yeah,” Raikkonen said over the team radio. “Give me the steering wheel, hey, hey! Steering wheel somebody tell him to give it to me. Come on! Move!”

Raikkonen’s radio rant beat Fernando Alonso’s exchange about Jolyon Palmer’s five-second time penalty for passing him off the circuit before retiring with a mechanical issue during the Italian Grand Prix.

Alonso’s replacement for the Monaco Grand Prix at McLaren, while he contested his maiden Indianapolis 500, Jenson Button may have only had one F1 race in 2017 but it was enough to complete the top three in the fan vote. Just before the start of the Monaco race Button received a good luck message from Alonso and joked back he would pee in his seat.

To see the full 2017 best radio moments vote follow this link to the video.