Lando Norris says he is not paying much attention to comparisons between himself and Lewis Hamilton as he continues to forge a path towards Formula 1.

Norris, 18, will race in Formula 2 next year after winning four junior championships in the last three years, as well as working as McLaren's official third and reserve driver.

Norris made waves with his first F1 test in Hungary last summer, and has been tipped to take the mantle from Hamilton as Britain's leading figure in the series once the four-time world champion stops racing.

Hamilton also enjoyed success at every level of his junior career while under McLaren's wing, making his F1 debut in 2007 before winning his first world title with the team in 2008.

Asked about the comparisons, Norris said that while it offers some motivation given Hamilton's success in F1, he is more focused on his own efforts and continuing to be successful.

"It gives me a bit of motivation, but not a huge amount," Norris said.

"It’s good maybe to think you’re along the same path and he made it to Formula 1, now a four-time world champion. If I can kind of continue, maybe I can do the same. That’s a bit of motivation.

"But apart from that, I don’t really try to think and dwell on what everyone else says. I’m only really doing it because I really enjoy it. It’s not like I don’t enjoy it and I’m just good at it, therefore I can hopefully make a career out of it.

"I enjoy doing it, and that’s why I want to do it. Therefore I just try to focus on what I’m doing, make the most of working with the team, getting to know everyone, then doing the best I can, hopefully winning, which then makes it even more fun to go out and do.

"I tend not to really think about what other people say. I’d rather just try and focus on what I’m doing, try and win basically."

Alongside his F2 racing duties with Carlin in 2018, Norris is set to appear for McLaren at the F1 in-season tests, fulfilling the team's two-day rookie allocation.



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