Haas Formula 1 chief Günther Steiner wants the team to stick to just a single brake supplier through the 2018 season as it looks to avoid the recurring problems that have hindered its efforts through its first two years on the grid.

Haas joined the F1 grid in 2016 and has exceeded expectations so far by joining the sport's midfield, but has often failed to reach its full potential due to problems with the brakes on its cars.

The team switched between Brembo and Carbon Industrie brakes throughout last season - sometimes even during race weekends - but Steiner is hopeful that Haas can stick to a sole supplier throughout the 2018 campaign, led by drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.

"We started last year working with another brake manufacturer. For this year, we should have a package that we’re all comfortable with," Steiner said.

"That was one of our goals. We haven’t tested on the car yet, but we’ve had dyno tests. When we go out in Barcelona, we’ll know what we’ve got.

"Our aim is to run just the one manufacturer everywhere. I hope we’ve achieved that."

The new Haas VF-18 car will hit the track for its first extended run in Barcelona on Monday at the start of pre-season testing, with Steiner making reliability the biggest aim for the team as its prepares for its third season in F1.

"Hopefully, we are reliable. I hope we don’t have a lot of issues, that always helps and it gives you confidence for going racing," Steiner said.

"This year we only get three engines, so basically every engine has to last an average of seven races, which is quite a lot and demanding.

"Then we need to collect as much data as possible so we can analyse and get prepared for the first race."



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