Formula 1 race officials have added a third DRS zone to the Albert Park circuit ahead of this weekend's season-opening Australian Grand Prix, placing a stretch between Turns 12 and 13.

As at the majority of other circuits on the F1 calendar, Albert Park traditionally has two designated zones in which drivers can make use of the Drag Reduction System in the rear wing of their cars to gain a straight line speed advantage and overtake with greater ease.

In addition to the regular zones on the start/finish straight and between Turn 2 and Turn 3, the FIA confirmed on Wednesday that a third zone would be added for the 2018 season opener on Sunday.

Following a detection zone just before the quick left-right complex at Turn 11 and Turn 12, drivers will then have the stretch on the run down to Turn 13 to use DRS if they are within one second of the car ahead.

A second DRS detection point is set just before Turn 14 before being activated on the main straight, with another usage then available following Turn 2 on the run to Turn 3.

It marks the first time since the introduction of DRS in 2011 that three different zones will be available to drivers on a grand prix weekend in a bid to boost the amount of overtaking on the circuit.