Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has played down speculation about Formula 1 breakaway claims by saying it is being blown out of proportion by the media but concedes invested parties are “trying to position themselves” for future deals.

The reigning F1 world champions appeared to support a breakaway threat issued by Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne at the end of last year after reacting to the mooted rules and financial redistribution changes for 2021, with Head of Mercedes-Benz Dieter Zetsche claiming it was "100% aligned" with Ferrari's views.

With the existing agreements concluding at the end of 2020, Wolff is eager to understand the complete future picture of F1 under commercial rights holders Liberty Media and governing body the FIA.

However, on the eve of the 2018 F1 opener Zetsche released a statement putting support behind the German manufacturer’s future in the sport by explaining it is more relevant to its wider operations than ever before.

Speaking in the FIA team principal press conference, Wolff also feels Mercedes can boost the of health of the sport but only if it benefits all parties.

“We are all carrying the torch of a great series and a great brand that was built 40 or 50 years ago and has tremendous value and nobody is taking that lightly,” Wolff said. “Headlines are being created based on things that are being said but it is about the new Concorde Agreement going forward. Everybody’s trying to position themselves but all the time with respect for the series.

“Comments that are being made maybe from Mr Marchionne’s side, I guess it is because he cares. I don’t want to speak for Maurizio [Arrivabene] but we all care for F1 and we all have a certain vision and perspective of F1 and how we want to see it going forward. It needs to fit that opinion and this is why these statements are being made.

“We care a lot about responsibility and we owe it to Formula 1 and we need to give it all.

“We have at least three more years together in this great sport, regulated by the FIA, owned by Liberty, run by competent men and we just need to give our input support in the best possible ways so it’s great and we’re not devaluating it.”

F1 bosses are eager to nail down the future regulations of the sport, set to be introduced in 2021, by the end of the current season which could also cover the potential financial retribution of prize money between teams.

Liberty is expected to present an update on its vision for its 2021 F1 blueprint to all teams and key stakeholders at the Bahrain Grand Prix next month.



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