Daniel Ricciardo concedes he’s already bracing for engine grid penalties during the 2018 Formula 1 season with Red Bull given the tighter rules on component usage this year.

For 2018 each F1 driver is limited to up to three each of the internal combustion engines, heat motor generator units and turbochargers plus only two each of the kinetic motor generator units, energy stores and control electronics for the whole season before having to take grid drop penalties for extra components.

With a number of drivers heavily exceeding the permitted power unit component units last year many fear a similar story in 2018 with focus on the Renault and Honda-powered cars due to previous reliability issues.

When quizzed about the potential of F1 grid penalties, Ricciardo can’t be definite about being hit by grid drop for extra engine parts but accepts it is likely to be a problem as the 21-round season progresses.

“I had a few engine penalties last year and we’ve got one less [engine] this year so it’s likely – I don’t want to say it’s definite – but it’s obviously likely that we may encounter something like that or everyone may encounter something like that,” Ricciardo said.

“I think it depends where you are in the championship. If you try to cut your losses I guess then maybe that’s what you’ll do but it’s for sure too early to start thinking about that.

“I think we’ll stay optimistic and try to get these three home to Abu Dhabi.”



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