Kevin Magnussen is happy that the increased fuel level in Formula 1 from 2019 will help drivers be able to push more throughout grands prix, but feels the move is still no guarantee of flat-out racing.

The FIA confirmed last week following the latest meeting of the F1 Strategy Group and F1 Commission that the existing fuel limit of 105 kg will be increased to 110 kg for 2019 in a bid to allow drivers to push more during races, with the sport having faced criticism in recent times for focusing too much on fuel management and conservation.

While Magnussen agreed the move will help drivers be able to push more on-track, he warned that there still may be an element of management at some tracks, while also stressing tyres would be a key area of focus.

“It’ll definitely help. Whether it means that we can run flat out for the whole race, that’s not guaranteed, at least at some tracks," Magnussen said.

"Most of the tracks should be fine. You’ll be able to push flat out. I guess at some of the circuits it would mean we carry less fuel than the 110 kilograms, because we won’t need it at all the tracks.

"But surely at some tracks, I think we might still have to do some lift-and-coast – maybe very little. It’s great to see that we have that rule coming. It’ll allow us to not be restricted in terms of fuel, and being able to push flat out for the whole race.

"You’re still going to have to manage the tyres, though."

Magnussen's team principal at Haas, Günther Steiner, offered a similar view when asked about the move.

"On a lot of the circuits, yes, the drivers can push as hard as they want because they have more than enough fuel to go the distance," Steiner said.

"But on some other circuits there is still some lift-and-coast, and lift-and-coast is sometimes done for other reasons, not only for fuel consumption. Sometimes, it’s to save your brakes or to save your tyres.

"But in theory, most of the tracks with a 110-kilogram limit allow you to be wide open for the whole race. It does add some strategy to the race, as you can either go wide open or save tires, and whatever suits you or your car better, then that’s the choice you make."



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