The use of DRS in Formula 1 is set to be reviewed in the forming of the new technical regulations for 2021 in a bid to reduce the impact of the overtaking aid or remove it altogether.

DRS (Drag Reduction System) was introduced to F1 in 2011 in a bid to increase overtaking opportunities, but faced backlash from figures inside the sport and fans alike due to its artificial nature.

F1 technical managing director Ross Brawn has expressed his desire to drop DRS in the future, but the final decision lies with the FIA.

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FIA head of single-seater technical matters Nikolas Tombazis confirmed during a press session on Thursday ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix that he shared Brawn’s concerns, and that DRS would be under serious scrutiny when it came to forming the 2021 regulations.

“It’s right that there is this underlying discomfort with DRS, and I share it as well. I know Ross has made some other comments and so on,” Tombazis said.

“We feel that DRS is the right thing to have in the present state of things, and for 2021, we hope that the cars will be much more able to follow each other closely.

“It will be a really nice outcome if we can decrease DRS in the future or even eliminate it but until we get in a position where we are comfortable with the wake performance and how cars can follow each other.

“I think it’s something that is what I would call a ‘necessary evil’ perhaps at the moment.”



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