Kevin Magnussen feels he’s producing his best-ever Formula 1 performances having finished at the top of the midfield fighters for Haas at the Spanish Grand Prix.

After making the ideal getaway from seventh on the grid at Circuit de Catalunya, Magnussen enjoyed a trouble-free race to take sixth place, promoted up a spot after Kimi Raikkonen suffered an engine issue for Ferrari, to lead the midfield challengers.

Magnussen, who has come under recent scrutiny after his on track moves on Pierre Gasly at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, feels he’s able to put together his best racing in his F1 career.

“I am gaining in experience as I had one year out of Formula 1 straight after my first season and getting back in a difficult situation,” Magnussen said. “So now I want to build momentum and I have a good car which helps to build even more momentum.

“This weekend we’ve been, in our league, at the front and only the top three teams are out front.

“It was a pretty uneventful except for the restarts which were a little bit tricky with the tyres being difficult but it was the same for everyone so I didn’t really have any problems.”

F1 Driver Ratings - Spanish GP

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Magnussen feels it's key for Haas to continue to maximise its strengths having seen the VF-18 fight at the top of the midfield at high speed circuits against bigger operations including Renault and McLaren.

“Our car is particularly quick in high speed corners but it is not bad in low speed corners or in straight lines either so it is overall a good car,” he said. “I think we will be very strong on the high speed tracks: Spa, Silverstone and here. I hope we can be alright on low speed stuff as well.

“We are behind in terms of the points and those guys will be running new stuff on the car all the time.

“We are going to put some stuff on but not at every race, a couple of packages maybe one or two times during the year and hope that they are good. We have something coming for Montreal and we hope that will give us something.”



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