The FIA says the European Commission’s proposed changes to the Motor Insurance Directive have not met its requirements and will aim to continue to seek further amendments.

A consolation has been held by the European Commission on a ruling which the FIA describes as “potentially highly detrimental due to the unintended economic impact” forced by the possible new ruling.

The new ruling would require all motorised vehicles to have unlimited third party liability insurance, including on private land, which would see crashes at race circuits treated as potential road traffic accidents and cause police involvement.

Fears have also been triggered on the costs of the new insurance requirements which could effectively make motorsport unviable across all European member countries.

The FIA, together with European National Sporting Authorities, have held talks on the proposals and in October 2017 asked the European Commission consider an amendment to “take into account the unique characteristics of motorsport”. Following a European Commission statement on the proposal alterations the FIA has confirmed it is not satisfied with the changes.

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While the motorsport governing body supports the Motor Insurance Directive to provide the best possible protection, the FIA will continue to seek exchanges with the EU’s governance “to reach a solution that would still enable millions of drivers across Europe to continue their passion.”

The European Commission released a statement last week outlining proposals to amend the Motor Insurance Directive which highlighted the need to enable authorities to combat uninsured driving by aligning levels of insurance across the EU. The statement includes no detail on its impact to vehicles on private land or at motorsport events.

Read the full FIA statement here.



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