Red Bull Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen feels frustrated that Sebastian Vettel will not face the same kind of backlash as he recently did following the Ferrari racer's clash with Valtteri Bottas on the opening lap of Sunday's French Grand Prix.

Vettel, who led the F1 drivers' championship ahead going into the race, collided with Bottas at the first corner at Paul Ricard, leaving both cars with damage and at the back of the field, requiring a recovery drive.

Vettel was deemed to be at fault for the collision and took full responsibility after the race. The stewards handed him a five-second time penalty as he recovered to fifth place at the chequered flag, while Bottas took seventh place for Mercedes.

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Verstappen came under fire for a string of incidents through the first six races of the season that led to calls for the Dutchman to change his style. However, he has since recovered to score podium finishes in each of the last two races, finishing second in France behind Lewis Hamilton.

Following the race in France, Verstappen expressed his frustration that Vettel won't be treated in the same way he was over the incident, initially starting out as a tongue-in-cheek comment in the post-race press conference.

"I think next time you see Seb you should ask him to change his style, obviously it’s not acceptable!" Verstappen said.

"That’s what they said to me in the beginning of the season. I think you should do the same, and of course Seb shouldn’t do anything, he should just drive again and learn from this and go on. That’s my advice to everyone in this room."

Speaking in the TV pen soon after the press conference, though, Verstappen was more genuine in expressing his frustration over his treatment compared to other drivers.

"Mistakes happen in life, and it happens for the best of us as you can see for today. To be honest, it just makes me angry because for sure it won’t be as bad on him than it was to me," Verstappen said.

"All the time they came to me that I should change my approach, and all these stupid comments, but yeah, I didn’t change a thing and now everything is going right, so mistakes happen, and it’s alright, we’re all human."



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