Fernando Alonso says the changes to McLaren’s Formula 1 management announced earlier this week will not influence any decision about his future, but reaffirmed his faith in team chief Zak Brown.

McLaren racing director Eric Boullier tendered his resignation on Wednesday after four years with McLaren, with the team swiftly announcing a new management structure that includes a new sporting director role for Gil de Ferran.

De Ferran played a key role in Alonso’s preparation for the Indianapolis 500 last year, while the Spaniard’s former Ferrari engineer, Andrea Stella, has taken on the role of performance director at McLaren.

Despite the changes, Alonso said they would have zero bearing on any decision about his future as he continues to consider a possible exit from F1 at the end of 2018.

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“No - maybe it changes something tomorrow, but today it changes nothing,” Alonso said when asked what the changes meant for his future.

“Andrea is sitting in the same position as race performance engineer, head of the two engineers of the two cars, he was sitting there and doing the same job, running the team meeting and things like that. Gil is maybe more of a strategic decision for future or something like that but not for everyday life change.

“It doesn’t change anything to me for the future or anything. The most important thing is to keep improving the car and be more competitive and hopefully with this new organisation the team can move forward quicker. This we will see in time.”

Alonso thanked Boullier for his efforts with McLaren, having worked alongside the Frenchman for the entirety of his second stint driving for McLaren. He also declared his full faith in Brown’s management and the direction in which the American is taking the team.

“We have to say thanks for all the effort [from Boullier] and all the years here. Now it was his decision was to leave and I’m sure the team will move forward in the best possibilities and we will keep moving forward,” Alonso said.

“[I have] full trust in Zak’s abilities and all the decisions that the future will bring.

“If Zak thinks there are other people now doing other jobs in the team it’s because he thinks it’s the best thing to do.

“I trust 100 percent Zak, I trusted 100 percent Eric. I trust always the bosses because they are always the one that have all the information. We just drive the cars.”

Alonso confirmed that he had not been consulted on the changes prior to their occurrence, only being informed along with teammate Stoffel Vandoorne of the revised management structure.

“I was not consulted, I was informed about the changes and the new possibilities, as Stoffel had been informed,” Alonso said.

“I had more experience with Andrea than Zak, who only knows Andrea for one year, so he wanted my opinion, and how I see Gil and things like that.

“He knows Gil for 20 years, and I know Gil for one year, so he knows much more than me in terms of what possibilities and what scenarios Gil can come into play.

“So I fully trust whatever decision. Moving forward, the most important thing is to improve the car and be more competitive and hopefully from this weekend we’ll see a step forward.”

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