Fernando Alonso has produced an moving tribute signalling his exit from Formula 1 after 17 years in the sport.

The two-time F1 world champion made the announcement with McLaren that he would leave the sport at the end of the 2018 campaign for ‘some other bigger challenges’ – heavily hinting at the mooted IndyCar switch for next season.

Away from the official statement, Alonso released his own video tribute on his social media channels, both in Spanish and English, accompanied with dramatic piano music and shots inside his own museum Museo y Circuit Fernando Alonso.

In the video Alonso reflects on his positives and negatives experiences in F1 and how racing has played a key role in his life.

“You were not expecting me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to get to know you,” Alonso said in his tribute video. “When I barely knew how to walk I ran towards your noise, your circuits, without knowing anything about you.

“We had very some very good times, some unforgettable, others really bad. We have played together against incredible rivals and you played with me and I learnt how to play with you too. I have seen you changing, sometimes for good and sometimes for in my opinion for bad.“Every time I close the visor on my helmet I feel your warm embrace your energy, there is nothing like it. But today I have some other bigger challenges than you can offer me and this year while still driving at my best is how I want to remember you.

“I can only be grateful to you and to the people that are a part of you. For having introduced me to so many cultures, traditions and languages, some wonderful people and for having been my life. I know you love me and be certain that I love you too.”