Lewis Hamilton’s coronation as a five-time Formula 1 world champion came at the end of what the Mercedes driver called “a really difficult weekend”, revealing his grandfather had passed away just a couple of days earlier.

Hamilton finished fourth in the Mexican Grand Prix on Sunday to secure his fifth F1 drivers’ title, four of which have come in the past five years, and match Juan Manuel Fangio’s championship tally.

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Having spent much of the early part of his career being managed by his father, Anthony Hamilton, Lewis spoke about the impact of his family in helping his on-track success before revealing his grandfather’s passing.

“You know, this has actually been a really difficult weekend, because my grandfather died on Thursday morning,” Hamilton said.

“Naturally, when someone passes away, it brings the whole family together, but he was the godfather of the family.

“My dad and me were already quite close, but it naturally brought us a little bit closer and I will always remember and I never will forget the things that he did in order for me to be here today and for our family to thrive.

“I really do aspire to be like him, as a strong, black man and as a father and as a human being for doing what he did in the difficult times the little that he had. I think that’s testament to where we are.

“I think all that work that he put in, my grandfather would be so proud of him, so proud of us and grateful that the Hamilton is there and established and will now go down in history, which is kind of crazy to think.”

Mercedes confirmed after the press conference that Hamilton was referring to his paternal grandfather, Davidson Hamilton, who emigrated to England from Grenada. One of Lewis Hamilton’s middle names is Davidson in honour of his grandfather.