Günther Steiner believes Renault’s successful protest of Haas’ Formula 1 car at the Italian Grand Prix back in September proves it is “desperate” in the fight for fourth place in the constructors’ championship in 2018.

An FIA hearing held last Thursday upheld the decision to disqualify Romain Grosjean from the Monza race following a protest from Renault regarding the floor on the Frenchman’s Haas VF-18 car. He had originally finished sixth on-track.

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The result maintained the 30-point advantage enjoyed by Renault over Haas in the constructors’ championship heading into the final two races of the year, with both teams vying to finish as the leading midfield outfit behind the ‘big three’ of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

Haas F1 team boss Steiner had been optimistic of the chances of having Grosjean’s result reinstated, but said he did not wish to dwell on the final ruling.

“We knew it always was 50/50, and we were not awarded, but it’s a decision. There’s no point to dwell over it,” Steiner said.

“We have to move on, there is no more we could have done. I think we did a good job. It went not for us. We have to live with it sometimes and keep on going.”

Steiner stressed the decision had not taken the gloss off the fight for P4 in the constructors’ standings, instead believing it proved the lengths Renault had to go to in order to beat its smaller rival.

“We are in our third season, we are fifth, and we are fighting with Renault. They should be a lot better anyway,” Steiner said.

“I think it shows how desperate they are, because they are a works team, they have five times as many people as us, and they are fighting with us. It’s actually for us an honour. What can you say? I would ask them how they feel about it.

“But it’s all part of it. We all know that F1 is a very difficult place to race. Everything is not about racing. I think our team is doing a good job, and that is why we’re fighting for fourth.

“As you say, it’s very difficult now at this moment in time, but maybe miracles happen."