Sebastian Vettel is under investigation with the Formula 1 race stewards in Brazil after allegedly destroying the weighbridge scales during qualifying at Interlagos on Saturday afternoon.

Vettel was called to the weighbridge early in Q2 in Brazil, with the Ferrari driver having pitted in order to try and make the switch to the Soft compound tyre and get back out before the incoming rain hit the track.

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Vettel was seen to hit a cone before gesticulating with his hands towards the FIA officials there, who then invited Vettel to roll onto the weighbridge so they could complete the check.

The FIA technical delegate, Jo Bauer, issued a short bulletin referring the inicident to the stewards, claiming Vettel failed to follow instructions and had damaged the weighbridge scales.

"During the second Qualifying session at 15:27hrs, the driver of car number 05, when called for weighing, refused to turn off the engine," Bauer wrote.

"The car was pushed onto the scales and weighed with running engine, which makes it difficult to get a stable result. After weighing the driver drove off the scales under its own power, and by doing so, he destroyed the scales.

"As the driver was not following the instructions and further compromised the continuation of the weighing procedure, I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration."

The stewards confirmed before the end of qualifying that Vettel had been summoned over the incident, with a meeting set for 1645 local time (1845 GMT).