Nico Hulkenberg was left shaken up but uninjured after a frightening crash on the opening lap of Sunday's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that caused his Renault Formula 1 car to roll multiple times, before eventually coming to rest upside-down against the barrier.

Hulkenberg's Renault R.S.18 car was thrown into the air following contact with Romain Grosjean at the Turn 10 right-hander, with the drivers touching wheels.

Hulkenberg's car flipped over onto its roll-hoop before completing a second rotation, and eventually stopping upside-down on the outside of Turn 10 up against the TecPro barrier.

The German was quick to radio his Renault team to inform them that he was OK, but said he was "hanging like a cow" as he waited extraction by the marshals, with a small fire developing on his car.




The FIA was quick to confirm that Hulkenberg was "shaken up as you might expect but no injuries suspected."

"He will be observed for a time then released," a spokesperson added. "Dramatic incident but everyone did a great job."

The FIA stewards did investigate the clash, but deemed it to have been a racing incident, resulting in no sanction being given.