Pierre Gasly is relishing the opportunity to go head-to-head with Max Verstappen as Red Bull Formula 1 teammates in 2018, believing it is a "great opportunity" to display his potential.

Gasly will move up to Red Bull for the 2019 season after one full F1 season with its B-team, Toro Rosso, replacing the Renault-bound Daniel Ricciardo.

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Gasly will partner five-time grand prix winner Verstappen, who is expected to step up as team leader at Red Bull as the team embarks on a new chapter with Honda as its engine supplier.

Asked about his relationship with Verstappen, Gasly explained how there was a lot of underlying respect between the pair, with the Frenchman relishing the chance to partner one of the front-runners in F1.

"I get on with Max - except when he beats me on FIFA, but all the rest is fine! We have a really good friendship together with a lot of respect, and we’ve know each other many years, so everything is good," Gasly said.

"It is not like I have nothing to lose, but I have a good opportunity to show great things. I know the speed I have and I know the experience, and I know I am going to keep getting better and better.

"It will be my first season with the team so there will be quite a few things to learn and get used to but I see it as a great opportunity. Max is probably one of the most talented on the grid at the moment, so to be next to someone like this is always a good opportunity to show I have good potential.

"I am really excited for next year and hopefully we can have a good car and fight towards the top of the rankings."