Fernando Alonso is “curious” to see whether Mercedes’ cycle of dominance in Formula 1 will end this year, believing “the moment is near.”

Two-time F1 world champion Alonso made his final grand prix appearance last November in Abu Dhabi after deciding to quit the sport in order to pursue other racing interests.

Five Storylines to look out for in F1 2019

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Speaking to Corriere della Sera, Alonso said he would closely follow a number of stories in F1 this year, including the comeback of Robert Kubica and how new Ferrari youngster Charles Leclerc fares.

But the Spaniard also identified the potential end of Mercedes’ dominance of F1 as a theme to follow. Mercedes has won every championship in the V6 hybrid era, dating back to 2014.

"I will follow Kubica. His story is extraordinary,” Alonso said.

“Until a few months ago, Robert seemed to have lost all possibility. He has nothing to lose and will not miss a step.

“Then, Leclerc at Ferrari. He is young, intelligent, and talented.

“I'm curious to see if the Mercedes cycle will end. I feel that the moment is near.”

Alonso quit F1 after 17 years in order to pursue his bid to become only the second driver in motorsport history to win the ‘triple crown of motorsport’, comprising the Monaco Grand Prix, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indianapolis 500.

However, he stressed once again that the door to F1 is not shut for him, with the attraction of winning another championship still existing for him.

“I've said 'hasta luego'. Now I have a new challenge to face with the right tools to win, while in F1 there were no conditions to do the same,” Alonso said.

“I have no plans for 2020. Of course, winning a third title would be the greatest joy."



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