Lewis Hamilton is preparing to face Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas working with a revitalised mindset in 2019 but isn’t concerned about potential fractions within the team.

The reigning F1 world champion secured 11 Grand Prix victories on his way to his fifth title last year, while teammate Bottas missed out on any wins in 2018 due to a combined of poor performances, bad luck and team orders.

Bottas has spoken about the changes to his winter preparations ahead of 2019 as he looks to “take every opportunity” which Hamilton believes will make the Finn a “more aggressive” driver for the new season.

But the British driver has ruled out any worries about it triggering a tense working relationship between the two at Mercedes which developed when he was partnered with Nico Rosberg.

“I’m not someone that generally has expectations of anything, but I would assume that he’s going to try and be more aggressive this year,” Hamilton said. “I’m sure he’s going to be pushing harder, I’m sure he’s pushing harder on his training.

“He’s always been incredibly determined since the day he got here, and that’s not wavered.

“I’m sure he knows where he’s got to put his focuses to, working with his guys on the other side. I see the top of his head beyond the screen, so I don’t really know about his difference in approach, but I’ll see that once we get into the racing this season.

“Every teammate has different qualities, different way of approach, different values, and different work ethics. Ultimately I would say Valtteri has been probably the most all-rounded driver that I’ve worked with in that respect, and probably the most humble driver that I’ve worked with.”

While Hamilton prepares for a new approach from Bottas he still expects to have a constructive partnership with the Finn to help Mercedes target an unprecedented sixth consecutive F1 world drivers’ and constructors’ championship.

“He’s a very important ingredient and part of the reason why we have such a great atmosphere within the team,” he said. “The team are really pushing both of us with absolutely every bit they have to elevate us.

“He’s helped deliver two world titles in the last two years, so we’ve got to be working on the next one.”