Formula 1 has partnered up with The Chemical Brothers to release a three-second remix of their new song ahead of the start of the 2019 season.

The remix, titled “WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM MIX”, has been created by the music duo having taken inspiration from the sound of the current generation of the F1 V6 Hybrid cars. The track has been sped up to 15,000 beats per minute to copy the 15,000 revs per minute produced by F1 engines.

As a result, the song is three seconds long and according to an F1 press release it “will become the new global sonic identity of F1”. The full track “We’ve Got To Try” will be released tomorrow (March 8) along with a music video which will also incorporate F1.

“The engineering challenge of creating the fastest remix intrigued us as F1 fans and musicians,” Tom Rowlands from The Chemical Brothers, said. “It’s exciting to hear our music in the context of F1. The speed and intensity of F1 is a nice reflection of our music and live shows.”

Last year F1 produced a new theme song with composer Brian Tyler which has proven to be a hit with fans.

The 2019 F1 season gets underway next weekend with the Australian Grand Prix, March 15-17, while the sport prepares to celebrate its 1000th race at round three with the Chinese Grand Prix.