Lewis Hamilton says he understands the frustrations and complaints about the current state of Formula 1 which is what triggered the drivers to take a more active role in the future of the sport and saw the five-time world champion head to Paris for the FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting last week.

Following a backlash on a dull French Grand Prix, which saw Hamilton coast to victory in another Mercedes 1-2, the reigning F1 world champion says he shares empathy with fans who were put off watching the race given the lack of excitement and competitiveness between all teams.

Last week Hamilton went to the FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting as a representative of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) and took part in meetings and discussions on the potential 2021 regulations and the shake-up set to hit F1.

With the drivers not usually involved in the rule-making process, Hamilton felt it was a necessary move as the GPDA can provide an insight on how to improve the sport with Formula 1’s management, the FIA and F1 teams.

“I see the mess that we’re in, I see it every year,” Hamilton said. “If they listen to any of us, the drivers that have been here for a little bit longer who have truly experienced different tyres and different aero packages, hopefully we have better understanding or input.

“I empathise with fans watching and you guys turning up each weekend and it’s like ‘urgh, a race like today’. I race my heart out but it might not be so exciting to watch, so I empathise with that. So said to the guys I’ll go, so committed to going [to the FIA meeting].

“I felt in the last couple of years we’ve all aligned, we all joined together, and I also  realised the position and responsibility I have as the driver with the most championships, it has meaning when it comes to speaking to the FIA.”

Hamilton also wants to provide positive change in F1 as part of his legacy in the sport, while he feels the GDPA’s points in the FIA meetings began to push for improvements for drivers and fans.

“I’ve been here a long, long time an, if look at my legacy, there are small little things I’d love to be able to look back and say I was a part of helping that positive change for the fans,” he said. “That would be a cool thing to be a part of, not just a driver and the titles but someone who actually cared about the sport.

“It’s the first time us drivers have been in the room [FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting] and I really think we had an impact.

“They thought we do need the drivers here. Fact it’s taken so long to realise that is not so great, but on a positive side they’ve listened and I think they welcoming us to be in the decision process.

“We need to be at the next meeting. Part of next chain of emails is happening, even if it’s just small things.”



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