Antonio Giovinazzi and Alfa Romeo Racing have been summoned to the FIA Stewards and fined €5,000 over a breach of fuel temperatures during the second free practice session at the Austrian Grand Prix.

The Italian driver, who ended FP2 14th fastest, has allegedly breached the Formula 1 technical regulations over fuel temperatures.

“The temperature of the fuel intended for immediate use in car 99, measured at 15:08 was more than thirteen degrees centigrade below the ambient temperature recorded by the FIA appointed weather service provider one hour before the second practice session,” the FIA statement read.

The FIA Stewards hearing on Giovinazzi’s car with the Alfa Romeo Racing team manager took place at the Red Bull Ring with the team fined €5,000 for going under the permitted temperature allowance.

According to FIA technical rules, F1 fuel must not be more than 10 degrees lower than the ambient temperature provided by the FIA one hour before practice or two hours before a race. High temperatures and hot conditions are hitting the Red Bull Ring this weekend with a summer heatwave being felt across central Europe.

With the ambient temperature recorded at 30 degrees one hour before FP2, the Alfa Romeo fuel for Giovinazzi was at 17 degrees which breaks F1 rules.

Lower fuel temperature limits are used by the FIA as colder fuel provides a higher density and therefore more energy can be stored, with the rule installed to ensure teams do not run low fuel temperatures to gain an advantage.



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