Sebastian Vettel says the excitement triggered by the wet German Grand Prix highlights the current positives of Formula 1 racing but insists tweaks are needed to help provide a similar spectacle in dry races.

The Ferrari driver starred in his home race by charging from last on the starting grid to second place in the wet, acting as redemption for crashing out of the lead when it started raining at Hockenheim last year.

Vettel says with wet racing “always creating chaos” it must not silence the ongoing debate on how to improve F1 racing after seeing the rain produce a more level playing field in terms of performance between all teams.

Despite aerodynamic regulation tweaks for 2019, drivers have complained about being unable to follow and race on track due to how the current generation of F1 cars struggle to perform in dirty air.

“Wet races always create chaos and chaos is something that can be very entertaining, we know that and we’ve seen it many times,” Vettel said.

“I think the job to do is make sure we string the field together more in dry conditions, when we have normal races, in order to put on a better sport and for us to be able to race each other harder and longer throughout the race. That’s the objective for the future.”

Vettel, who has previously hinted the 2021 F1 rules shake-up could dictate his own future in the sport, feels only key changes are required rather than a complete overhaul on the F1 rules to allow closer and more competitive racing.

“I think there’s key elements contributing and that’s what we should focus on,” he said. “Everything else I don’t think we need to change upside down and just for the sake of changing.

“The DNA of the sport is great, it’s the same DNA as 50 years ago.

“I don’t think you change football with the size of the goal or the number of strikers just because one match has been less entertaining.

“I think keeping the rules, or the format, as it is would be the right way to go and there’s some big things we need to correct in order to have the right impact.”