Lando Norris has faced the FIA Stewards before second practice at the Hungarian Grand Prix after stopping in the fast lane in the pits during FP1.

The McLaren driver visited the FIA Stewards ahead of FP2 at the Hungaroring for “failure to follow the Race Director’s instruction” regarding pit lane procedures.

According to Race Directors’ Event Notes released before this weekend, cars cannot stop in the fast lane in the pits at any time during a live session without a justifiable reason (such as a mechanical breakdown). The rule also covers practice starts as not a justifiable reason for stopping in the fast lane.

Pit lane rule infringements have been taken seriously by FIA Stewards this year, with Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly handed a pit lane start at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix for failing to stop at the weighbridge at the end of FP2 in Baku.

But Norris has avoided a penalty after explaining he accidentally stalled the car during a "bite point find" procedure in pit lane, having been instructed by his McLaren team to complete the programme.

"Although technically this was not in accord with the instructions in the Race Director’s Notes the Stewards decide that no penalty shall be imposed," an FIA Stewards statement confirmed.

Norris finished FP1 in eighth place, 1.298s off pace-setter Lewis Hamilton, and ahead of McLaren teammate Carlos Sainz by almost two-tenths of a second.