With Formula 1 returning this weekend at the Belgian Grand Prix, there’s no better time to dive into the thick of the action as F1 TV Pro offers the most uncompromising and in-depth viewing available – starting with a free trial this week.

Whether its all the radio chatter or the detailed telemetry data, F1 TV Pro offers much more than the wide camera shots and entertainment caught on traditional television.

F1 TV Pro provides the full experience and the ability to cater it to individual needs ranging from live onboard head-to-head fights in ‘Battle Mode’, the full-fat telemetry feed and all the action on and off track in the ‘Pit Lane Channel’.

For a limited time FT TV Pro is offering a free 7 days free trail, which expires this Friday, allowing fans the chance not just to watch F1 but experience it.

From Battle Mode providing uninterrupted dual-screens of any F1 driver fight, fans witness the best of the action from the drivers’ point of view, while the full experience also comes from the team radio audio feed where you can hear drivers in conversation with their engineers making the all-important calls during the race.

With the Pit Lane Channel, viewers can experience all the action combining the best elements available and see the race like F1 team managers.

In addition to the standard broadcast feed, fans can see live action from two additional onboard cams optimised for the best action. Additionally, Pit Lane Channel broadcasts dedicated professional commentary so you can get schooled in F1 strategy from the world’s experts while you watch.

Start your free 7 days trial today, available in selected territories until Friday 16:30 BST, here.