Daniil Kvyat says he holds no ill feelings at being overlooked by Red Bull with rookie Formula 1 teammate Alexander Albon promoted ahead of him.

Following the shock call that Albon would complete the rest of 2019 at Red Bull with Pierre Gasly demoted to Toro Rosso alongside Kvyat, many were surprised the more experienced Russian driver was not picked instead.

Kvyat, who secured Toro Rosso’s second-ever F1 rostrum with third place at the German Grand Prix, has previous experience at Red Bull having suffered his own mid-season relegation to Toro Rosso in 2016 when he was switched with Max Verstappen.

Red Bull bosses explained all three of its drivers would be assessed to decide its 2020 line-ups at both teams, with Verstappen already confirmed at Red Bull next year, and Kvyat says he isn’t dwelling on missing out on a return to Red Bull having seen Albon picked over him.

“I don’t have any disappointment or anything. I think my job doesn’t change, my year has been fantastic,” Kvyat said.

“I look at that, rather than other things out of my control. I’ll focus on doing my own thing and do the best I can in the last nine races of the year and hopefully will be a good thing. And you never know what the future will hold.”

Kvyat also assessed the task ahead of Albon knowing the rookie must effectively try to match Verstappen over the second half of the season to prove his place at Red Bull.

“I understand [the decision],” he added. “They had their reasons. I think my year has been very strong but they have also other reasons I guess to try Alex in a very competitive car.

“I think someone who can match Max straightaway is for sure not an easy task, nine races left, jump in and straight away match Max, nevertheless the decision is Red Bull and I have to respect it and accept it, so no problems with that.

“One thing is important is to do your own good job and the rest will come when the time comes. I don’t think too deeply about future or who will make what decision and so on.

“Red Bull is always open. Whenever someone doesn’t perform there is always pressure, especially if someone else in the junior team is performing.

“I cannot get too greedy as it’s incredible that I managed to get back to Formula 1, then all of you were pushing me in the senior team after a couple of months after I came back, so many things were going fast.

“Red Bull has their own plan and they know what’s best for them. Like I said my job is to do the best for Toro Rosso in the nine remaining races of the season.”