Sebastian Vettel has vented his frustration during the fallout from the Italian Grand Prix qualifying incident which prevented him from starting his final timed lap in Q3.

The Ferrari man was one of the drivers caught out in the Q3 incident which denied him the opportunity to complete a final qualifying lap and duly left him stranded in fourth place on the times.

While the incident has been put under investigation by the FIA Stewards, Vettel feels there was also a breakdown in communication with his Ferrari squad having expected to gain the tow from teammate Charles Leclerc having given him the same opportunity during the first run which he used to secure pole position.

“I was trying to get through. I think there was a McLaren and a Renault blocking the road. I am not happy with how it went,” Vettel said. “But obviously we didn’t make it to get a second attempt, like many others.

“I thought that we had a better way, we communicated this. I was the one out front, alone, in the first run and I shouldn’t have been the one in front in the second run, which because of the last corner I wasn’t. But at that point it was too close anyway.

“The session was over so I couldn’t really make it to start a lap. I can’t be really happy with that so yeah, not what we intended to do.

“He [Leclerc] should’ve been ahead all the way.

“Anyway, happy with the car. Qualifying was good. The car was very good. Had a really good lap, just had no tow. So that’s the difference between pole and no pole today.”