The FIA has abandoned plans to introduce standard brake systems to Formula 1 for the 2021 season.

As part of the planned overhaul of the technical regulations in F1 for 2021, the FIA is planning to introduce a number of standard parts, with brake systems being identified as one area for standardisation across the grid.

There were fears among some teams that standardisation would offer little reduction in cost while risking a drop in reliability, resulting in push-back against F1’s rule-makers.

In a statement issued by the FIA on Friday, it was confirmed that plans for standard brake systems had been shelved for the time being in order to allow the new-spec cars to be properly evaluated.

“To allow further evaluation of the real-world performance of 2021 Formula 1 cars, the FIA has chosen to delay the potential implementation of single suppliers for brake friction materials and brake system components,” the statement reads.

“The significant regulation changes and their interpretation by the teams will affect multiple aspects of the 2021 cars, and considering the critical role of the brakes in both safety and performance, the FIA has decided to cancel both the selection process for brake systems and for brake friction materials in F1 until further studies can be undertaken.

“The FIA would like to thank the preselected bidder, Brembo, for providing a thorough and sound proposal based on the specifications supplied to it.

"Nonetheless, and in light of the considerations regarding car performance mentioned above, it has been decided to reassess the situation in 2021.”

The decision acts as the latest step away from standardisation for 2021, with the FIA having previously abandoned plans for standard gearbox components.



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