Daniil Kvyat will talk with Formula 1 race director Michael Masi on Friday evening about the “joke” rule that looks set to prevent him from using a special helmet design for his home grand prix in Russia this weekend.

Kvyat had a special design made to mark this weekend’s race in Sochi, swapping his usual red-based design for a white helmet that better incorporates the colours of the Russian flag.

But the helmet was left sat at the back of his Toro Rosso garage through Friday’s free practice running after the FIA said Kvyat could not use it, having already used his one allocated change for the season at Monza.

The FIA regulations prevent wholesale helmet design changes, but do have wiggle room to allow variations of the existing designs. Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen both tweak their designs gradually on a regular basis.

“The rule says, that there is one [extra] helmet you can use per year, which I didn't know about,” Kvyat said.

“It is a good helmet. I hope you saw it. I put it there in the garage, just to show it to everyone.”

Asked for his view on the rule, Kvyat said: “It is a joke. But anyway. The rule is a rule.

“We'll see. Maybe I will use it tomorrow. I still don't know what the consequences could be. But to be honest, there are bigger problems to focus than a helmet design of a driver, I guess.”

Kvyat said he had worked with his helmet designer to create “something unusual” for the race surrounding the Russian flag.

“It is something a bit different, but simple at the same time,” Kvyat said. “[I’m] very happy with design.”



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