Daniel Ricciardo has confirmed that the legal claim from his former manager has been settled.

Ricciardo’s former manager, Glenn Beavis, filed a £10 million claim against the Australian driver in July over unpaid fees from his contract following his move from Red Bull to Renault. Beavis represented Ricciardo from 2012 until the start of 2019.

Speaking on Thursday in Japan, Ricciardo confirmed that the legal case with Beavis had now been settled, saying it had come to a better resolution than initially expected.

“It’s all sorted and settled. I can’t go into details, but we both met and it’s been done, put to bed, and not in a bad way or anything like that,” Ricciardo said.

“It actually ended a lot sweeter than it probably looked a few months ago. I think up until now it didn’t really weigh on me, but obviously if it continued and it goes another year, two years down the track — I don’t know how long these things can go — then for sure it would’ve eventually.

“It’s just been something which I didn’t need. Especially there’s so much now with the team — not only with me, but with the team — that I want to still improve and get right, and I think I just need everything focused on this.

“Even if sometimes you think something’s not distracting you, it could be, so I was happy to put it behind. It’s not something I guess we wanted. It’s not comfortable.”

Ricciardo is now represented by CAA Sports, having linked up with the agency in March.



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