Williams is facing a race against time to get Robert Kubica's car repaired in time for him to start the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday after the Polish driver crashed out in the opening stage of the delayed qualifying session.

The threat of Typhoon Hagibis forced F1 officials to reschedule qualifying for Sunday morning, leaving just three hours between its conclusion and the start of the grand prix.

Kubica put two wheels on the grass coming through the final corner when starting his first flying lap in Q1, causing the car to spear left into the barrier and crash, leaving the chassis with significant damage.

Speaking about his shunt, Kubica called it "a high price for a relatively small off", before hinting there were more factors than his own error in causing the accident.

"Probably there were a few factors that contributed to this. I put a rear wheel slightly off the track, missed the space and it was over – I was on the grass and the wall came quite quickly," Kubica said.

"As I say, there were a few factors that contributed, I don’t want to go too much into the details, but the whole story started already before qualifying."

Williams has been short on spare parts for much of the season, but a team spokesperson confirmed there were enough for repairs to be completed on the FW42 car. A new chassis will have to be built up, leaving the team up against it if Kubica is to make the start from the pit lane.

"We have parts, but it's a chassis change, so a huge amount of work," the team said.

"It will be tight but they are doing everything they can, and I'm confident they can do it."