Lewis Hamilton is eager to work closely with Liberty Media on its sustainability plans for Formula 1, stressing the need for the sport to come together on the topic.

F1 unveiled plans earlier this month for all events to become sustainable by 2025 ahead of the sport as a whole going carbon neutral by 2030, having completed a lengthy study into its current sustainability levels.

Hamilton has long been an advocate for greater environmentalism, regularly posting on his social media accounts about changes people can make, such as going vegan.

Speaking over the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, Hamilton said he was pleased by Liberty’s initial plans for F1, but added that it would take the entire sport to get on-board with proposals to make meaningful change.

“I think anything is possible as long as the intent, if they mean it. You’ve just got to put your mind to it,” Hamilton said.

“You’ve got to put in the investment. It’s not a lack of money. The teams also have to be willing to participate. I know my team is, I know Mercedes is. I’ve not heard or read about Ferrari or any of the other teams particularly, but I think they are also with it.

“But they need to be on the same journey, because it’s going to take the whole of the sport to make the change.

“It’s about being really strict, when you go to all these different countries, particularly the new ones. It’s super easy for them to implement already because the contract you already say from day one, you say this is what you need to be sustainable. For the other ones, they’ve got plenty of time to make change, particularly for the following years. I don’t see why it won’t happen.

“But I definitely am open to working with Chase [Carey] and all his team and the FIA. I’ve already emailed.

“I’ve been talking to Chase for nearly two, three years, saying we’ve got to do something together.

“I’ve not quite yet figured out what that role is, but it’s something in that area.”



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