All 10 Formula 1 teams will use mule cars in the Abu Dhabi post-season test running to help Pirelli in its final evaluation of the 2021 tyres.

F1 will switch to 18-inch tyres as part of an overhaul of the technical regulations for next year, with test running set to take place throughout this year.

All 10 teams have agreed to run mule cars – modified versions of their current cars, designed to get as close as possible to the performance of the 2021 models – at individual tests throughout the year.

The teams will run their mule cars together for the first time in the three-day test at the Yas Marina Circuit following the season finale in Abu Dhabi at the end of November.

“Luckily all the 10 teams gave their availability to make a mule car. That was an issue otherwise, because they are not obliged to make a mule car,” Pirelli F1 chief Mario Isola told

“So we will have a tyre plan, a development plan for tyres during the season using all the 10 teams, and then we have a final validation in Abu Dhabi for three days. All the teams accepted to come to Abu Dhabi with the mule cars.

“I believe it’s quite a good opportunity not only for Pirelli, but for the sport itself. If next year we have an amazing championship, it’s good for everybody, it’s what we are looking for.”

While the final results on how the 18-inch tyres truly perform on the 2021 cars will not be clear until the newly-designed cars run for the first time, Isola is hopeful Pirelli can still gain enough data to produce a good initial product for the teams to use.

“Probably with the mule cars, we are able to be in the ballpark of the performance that is expected for 2021,” Isola said.

“Saying that, they are different. So in terms of how you achieve the downforce, power unit development, weight, weight distribution, there are many elements that are probably different compared to 2021.

“You cannot stay here and complain. We need to do our best to make the best product and the best compromise because we need to supply the tyres to everybody for 2021.”