Charles Leclerc has been given a stern reminder of the F1 protocol involving interaction outside of his ‘social bubbles’ after the Ferrari driver was spotted in Monaco socialising with friends between events.

While the vast majority of the F1 paddock has remained in Austria due to the short gap between the two races at the Red Bull Ring, the relative proximity to Monaco saw both Leclerc and Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas return to their homes for a few days.

Though drivers are free to do this if the COVID-19 code of conduct has strict protocols in place encouraging people to stay within their social bubbles and to not risk both themselves – and by extension the F1 paddock – to infection from other sources.

“Any time that Profile 1 Attendees spend outside the Venue during a Covered Event or between Covered Events must be spent with other members of the same Group, keeping interaction with persons outside that Group to a minimum,” reads Article 3.14 of the document.

While Bottas says he simply travelled and stayed home with his girlfriend as is permitted, Leclerc was reportedly spotted on social media among friends during that time, earning both himself and Ferrari a warning.

When asked about the matter Leclerc says he has been tested twice since last weekend and the results have been negative.

“I did come back home. On the other hand, I’ve been tested twice before coming back, so in two days tested twice, both negative obviously, and that’s it, but yes, I went back home for two days and then did two tests to be sure of the result.”

It comes after both Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel were warned in Austria last week after the Ferrari driver was spotted talking to Helmut Marko and Christian Horner.



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