Carlos Sainz says he doesn't regret his decision to move to Ferrari for 2021 despite the Italian Formula 1 team’s struggles this season.

McLaren currently sits ahead of Ferrari in the constructors’ championship after seven races with the Scuderia expected to struggle again at its home race at Monza this weekend.

With McLaren moving to Mercedes power for 2021, the Woking-based outfit could be on its way back to the top of the grid, while Ferrari has taken steps backwards since having a title-contending car in 2018. 

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When asked if he regrets switching to Ferrari for next year, Sainz categorically refuted this and said he has “100 percent confidence” in it returning to the top in the seasons to come.

“Definitely not. I’m really comfortable with the decision I’ve taken, and am 100 percent confidence in Ferrari people in what they do for the future,” Sainz said. “Let’s just remember that last year they were capable of doing seven pole positions. So it’s a team that I think knows how to produce very good cars.

“And, yeah, if I am nervous. What makes me nervous is to lose 30 points through no fault of my own and that’s what concerns me right now, and what makes me go to bed and think ‘where the hell have I lost these amount of points and how is it happening to me’. But I’m fully confident and ready to go for Ferrari next season and I could not be more excited.”

Since Sainz's arrival at McLaren, the team has enjoyed a mini-revival with it going from ninth in the championship in 2018 to fourth in 2019.

The Spaniard refused to take total credit for McLaren's resurgence.

“I think we’ve done a very good job in here at McLaren all together, I give my absolute best for this team and how to improve in the most collective way for the future,” Sainz added. “Honestly I don’t like talking about myself and the things I can do good or bad, I just feel it can sometimes can go a bit arrogant.

“Honestly I hate speaking about myself, my approach, those kind of questions if you don’t mind I prefer you to ask the team and for them to tell you what I can do good or bad, and to ask to my future team what have I brought or stopped bringing. I honestly never enjoy asking these questions of what do I do well, what can I bring, or stop bringing to a team, I don’t know, I don’t feel comfortable answering there.”