Sebastian Vettel admits he has conflicting emotions over Lewis Hamilton potentially equaling seven-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher’s record win tally of 91 at this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix.

A seventh victory of the season for Hamilton will move him level with Schumacher’s record tally - a record the German has held since 2001.

Vettel, who grew up idolising Schumacher, says he has “mixed emotions” over his records being broken by Hamilton - who he is also good friends with.


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“I think it’s always been a number that has appeared impossible to reach,” Vettel said. “Now seeing the last years, and Lewis’ track record, he was getting closer and closer, and I think at this point it is a question of time when he reaches that. At one hand I will for sure be sad as Michael is still my hero but on the other hand I will be very happy for Lewis, I think he deserves all the success he has had in the last years and is going to have this year and I don’t know if he is going to remain but I guess so, and the next years.

“A bit half half, mixed emotions. For myself I don’t know, I’m far away, but as I said it was always one of these numbers it seems impossible up to the point that somebody gets there, gets close and then breaks it.”

Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc concurred with Vettel but praised Hamilton for his consistency and ability to fight for victories throughout his entire career.

“I’m pretty aligned with what Seb said,” Leclerc added. “Lewis only deserves it. He has been extremely constant throughout the years, has always been fighting for top positions. 

“ On one side it’s sad to see the Michael record getting beaten as obviously he has been a huge part of F1, especially for Ferrari, but on the other hand it’s only deserved for Lewis and happy for him too if he manages to do that.”