Kevin Magnussen says Haas' 2020 Formula 1 car isn't 'particularly difficult to drive' with the American team expected to sign two rookies for next season.

Haas is expected to field an all-rookie line up in 2021 after announcing Magnussen and Romain Grosjean’s departure from the team ahead of the Portuguese Grand Prix last month.

F2 championship leader Schumacher and heavily-backed Russian driver Nikita Mazepin are rumoured to be Haas’ driver line-up for next season.

When asked how Schumacher and Mazepin will adapt to Haas' current car, Magnussen said: “Firstly I don’t know if that is the case that those guys are stepping in. Whoever is going to step in, I don’t think they’re going to find a very difficult car to drive at least.

“These cars are very good, and many times I’ve driven the car this is going to be competitive because the feeling has been pretty good but it’s just isn’t and we’re slow because we lack a bit of everything. Quite a bit of everything. That’s really what makes us uncompetitive but not because the car is particularly difficult to drive. I think they’ll find it very fast and enjoyable to drive.”

Grosjean added: “I think generally F1 is difficult for a rookie but as Kev said, it’s a bit understeery so in that aspect, it’s not too hard of a car to drive. I guess it’s always going to be the key to getting the tyres to work and with the 2021 tyres, I don’t know how it’s going to go. It’s going to be faster than what they’re used to.”

Looking ahead to this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Magnussen doubts Haas will be able to repeat its 2019 heroics where it saw both cars qualify inside the top eight.

“It does, it does feel like a long time ago,” Magnussen added. “Last year, I qualified sixth I think and I was like a hundredth off the best Red Bull. I don’t think that’s going to happen again this year.

“I am always hopeful. You always have little naive hope that something special can happen this weekend. It’s always possible and you always need to go for it even though the odds are against you. I think it’s mainly the race, I am hoping for something special in the race more than qualifying. We, of course, will try our best.”



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