Alonso & Stroll escape penalties for Turn 1 incident in Spanish F1 GP

Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso have both avoided punishment for an incident at Turn 1 during the closing stages of Formula 1's Spanish Grand Prix.
Fernando Alonso (ESP) Alpine F1 Team A521.
Fernando Alonso (ESP) Alpine F1 Team A521.

As the pair battled for tenth place, Stroll attempted an ambitious move on Alonso around the outside of Turn 1 as the Spaniard struggled with his tyres. 

Alonso's lack of tyre grip meant he drifted wide mid-corner, forcing Stroll off the track.

Ahead of the weekend, the race director’s notes outlined drivers who go off the track at Turns 1 and 2 must keep left of the designated bollards, which Stroll failed to do so.

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Stroll was cleared of any wrongdoing and escaped a penalty.

The stewards explained: “Stroll was forced off the track between turn one and turn two in a racing incident with Alonso and as a result of the incident was forced behind the apex kerb at turn two. Stroll explained to the stewards that he then steered to the left towards the bollards at the exit of turn two. This was apparent from the in-car video.

“He then drove over one of the lateral kerbs behind turn two and the momentum and speed over the kerb forced him to the right. Even after this, Stroll continued to try to steer left.

“The stewards were satisfied that Stroll made every attempt to steer around the bollards until it was not possible to pass behind them. Alonso, who was in the hearing agreed that this was the case.

“Having not passed behind the bollards, Stroll then rejoined the track safely and deliberately slowed and let Alonso and Bottas, who was lapping, to pass him, eliminating any possible lasting advantage. The stewards were therefore satisfied with Stroll’s actions and take no further action.”

Alonso also escaped a penalty for his role in the incident.

The stewards added: “Stroll was making a pass on Alonso on the outside of turn one. Alonso, who was on older tyres, moved as far as possible onto the apex kerb of turn one, but was unable to hold the car’s line.

“The stewards determined that throughout the incident Alonso took all appropriate action to try to avoid car 18, but was unable to do so, forcing car 18 off the track at turn [one]. In the hearing both driver fully agreed that this was a racing incident and the stewards concur and take no further action.”

Both drivers ultimately finished outside of the points as Stroll classified 11th, while Alonso’s late pit stop dropped him to 17th.

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