Perez could only manage fifth in Barcelona, trailing Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

The Mexican has yet to finish on the podium since joining the Milton Keynes-based outfit, while teammate Max Verstappen hasn’t failed to finish outside the top two.

“I’m getting more confident with the car obviously,” Perez said after the Spanish GP.

“Every time I get to the end of the weekend I’m like I wish the weekend just starts now but given how limited track time is these days it is hard to get up to speed but I think this weekend was a particular one with yesterday not being able to be my 100 it is a big difference so yeah, just forget this one and go back again in Monaco, learn from what we’ve done and come back stronger.

“How to drive the car really, how to get the maximum out of it, and how to adapt myself in a driving style, that’s the thing I’m working the most, and every circuit is different. It’s not like you learn something here and it works in Monaco, that’s the main thing that I’m still adapting with my style, and hopefully soon we can be able to be 100%.”

Perez is confident Red Bull will have a strong enough package to contend for the win in next weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

“Yeah it’s very similar to here [Barcelona] to be honest, all about qualifying, qualifying will be key,” Perez added.

“I’m looking forward massively to Monaco, especially with this car, I think we have a shot at winning the race, so yeah hopefully we are able to be back strong.”

Red Bull has won the Monaco Grand Prix on four previous occasions - 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2018.