Verstappen claimed his and Red Bull’s second victory of the season last time out in Monte Carlo, to take the lead in both championships.

Mercedes was behind Red Bull and Ferrari in the performance pecking order around the principality. 

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton could only manage seventh in last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix, while Valtteri Bottas was forced to retire early following his botched pit stop.

F1 2021 | Monaco GP Review | Verstappen fights back!

Due to Monaco’s unique characteristics with it being a slower street circuit and track temperatures being cool throughout the weekend, it was a unique weekend in the world of F1.

While it held the upper hand in Monte Carlo, Verstappen doubts Red Bull will have the advantage when F1 returns to more "normal" tracks.

“If we’re still there at the end of the season that would be great, because there’s still a long way to go,” Verstappen said after his win in Monaco. “Of course it’s great to bounce back after the last two races where the gap got bigger, and we still have to work hard because we know that Mercedes on normal tracks are still the ones to beat. But a good, smooth weekend overall I think and this is a great boost for the whole team going forward.”

F1 heads to another street circuit in Baku next time out.

Due to the long straights and different downforce levels required in Azerbaijan, Verstappen is unsure if the Monaco pecking order will continue into the next race.

“Well it has nothing to do with confidence to be honest to be quick in Baku,” Verstappen added. “If you just feel good in the car and the car is doing what you want… I mean, I’ve always been quick around Monaco as well, it’s just I’ve shunted a few too many times! 

“Baku again is a completely different street circuit where you run a lot less downforce because of the long straight and the grip levels also feel quite low there, so you can’t really compare with each other, but normally we should be quite competitive. Let’s see.”