The team issued a statement on Thursday after the FIA announced it would not be entertaining Red Bull’s right to review the incident from Silverstone.

Mercedes was pleased with the news but hit out at its title rivals by stating: “concerted attempt by the senior management of Red Bull Racing to tarnish the good name and sporting integrity of Lewis Hamilton.”

In the Friday press conference at the Hungaroring, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner described Mercedes’ statement as ‘antagonistic’ but claimed the team had moved on from the incident.

Explaining why Mercedes released the aforementioned statement, Wolff said: “I think we wanted to bring a little bit of respect back to the discussion. We understand that emotions can run high, it’s always a matter of perspective and perception but we felt that that line was overstepped.

“I think the remarks that were made during and after the Silverstone grand prix were just elaborated further in the document. Not always looking at the incident only but giving it a wider taste. That was beyond other things, just a step too far.”

Wolff feels that teams should do more to “de-escalate” situations to avoid heightened drama on social media.

“I think Formula 1 needs content, and controversy, as long as it is around the sport, can be quite entertaining,” Wolff explained. “But there are certain boundaries we need to respect and the sport should unite and not create more polarisation, and especially in a sport that cannot be proud at that stage yet about its diversity and equality, and we just need to get the words right, and therefore let’s aim to de-escalate rather than to fuel.”

Wolff also revealed that he had spoken to Horner just before sitting in the press conference between the two practice sessions at the Hungaroring but didn’t give away what was discussed.