A driver’s eye camera gave fans watching back at home what a F1 driver experiences when they tackle some of the world’s most challenging corners.

Eau Rouge, Pouhon and Blanchimont looked mighty as the Spaniard tackled Spa’s legendary corners in his Alpine

Unlike with normal camera shots, the vibrations, oversteer moments and bumps were captured perfectly, showing that modern F1 is still a real challenge.

Formula E and IndyCar have previously experimented with drive eye cameras in recent years, while F1 has been quite stagnant with its variation in camera usage.

The all-electric series rolled out the ‘driver’s eye’ camera at the start of the 2020 campaign, which debuted at the Santiago ePrix.

It was an encouraging day for Alonso at Spa, ending FP2 fourth-fastest overall. 

The Spaniard was just 0.5s shy of Max Verstappen’s top time as Alpine looks to build on its maiden victory last time out in Hungary, courtesy of Esteban Ocon

Alpine announced yesterday that Alonso would be remaining with the team for 2022 alongside Ocon.