Extinction Rebellion plans to protest to raise awareness about the emissions produced by motorsport.

Its protest will be a ‘Formula 0’ bicycle ride through Zandvoort on Sunday.

Vettel himself has been a big advocate and supporter of F1 reducing its impact on the environment.

Speaking ahead of this weekend's return to the Netherlands Vettel was asked to give his thoughts on the protest.

“I think in general we are living in a time where it is important to raise attention and I think that’s what they’re doing,” Vettel said. “If you ask me what I would respond with Formula 1 is doing, I think there’s a lot of things that Formula 1 is planning to do, some small things that Formula 1 is taking action on, which is good. But is it enough?

“No, it’s not enough. Is it enough what we are doing as a society? Obviously it’s very different in every single country and some countries are further along than others. Some people are further along in their heads addressing this topic than others. But as a whole of humanity, are we doing enough?

“Probably not. So I think it is vital that we understand what is at stake and if we don’t get it, then I think there is no future. It sounds very dark, but equally, on the bright side, there’s a lot of things that we can do.

“And I believe there’s a place for Formula 1, providing Formula 1 is addressing the right things and making the right moves. Now, as I said, there can always be more that is done. The small things that are taken action on is good is a first step, but not more than the first step yet.”

Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton has previously expressed his support for environmental causes.

He was also asked about the protests, where he replied: “Well I mean ultimately it’s not my responsibility to go and do a presentation to them and explain what Formula 1 is doing, but Formula 1 has already expressed the steps they want to take by 2030. 

“Naturally things don’t change overnight and I think it’s great that Formula 1 are accepting and holding themselves responsible and realizing that they do need to make changes moving forwards. Ultimately us drivers we rely on Formula 1 and the organisers to make sure we are trying to have as positive an impact on the places we go to.”